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Letter to the public    PDF letter to the public

The time has now come to make a public announcement regarding the Holland Festival.
It is with great regret that this event held each year for the last 40 years will cease and that the 2014 Festival was the last to be run under the auspices of the Associated Netherlands Societies in Victoria.
While the events have proved popular and have been run profitably, the decision to cease running them was influenced by several factors.

  • An aging of the core group involved in past events with few new people to take their place
  • Increasing difficulties in attracting volunteers for the variety of tasks involved
  • A marked unwillingness or apathy by the next generation resulting in a lessening of enthusiasm for “Dutch things”. They love the day but are unable/unwilling to commit to make it happen

The beauty of the Holland Festival was the opportunity for Dutch people, their descendants and their many Australians friends to enjoy typical Dutch music, song, dance and other entertainment in a kermis environment.
We do thank the many people and organisations who have had an involvement in the past years. This covers the member clubs, the organising committees, the countless volunteers who gave so freely of their time, the many sponsors, stallholders, suppliers and advertisers whose support was so critical in keeping the show on the road, especially the Victorian Multicultural Commission whose contribution was much valued in supporting the showcasing of “Dutch” in Victoria through the annual Holland Festival.
The future? While the old guard has retired with “tired” being the operative word, there may well be an opening for other groups to step up and propose a new way of keeping “Dutch” in the foreground. WE are all aware that once momentum is lost, the opportunity is also lost and enthusiasm is then difficult to rekindle.
Should you, the reader of this advice have any suggestions or comments please feel free to contact us at webmaster@hollandfestival.com.au
On behalf of the Holland Festival committee and The Associated Netherlands Societies in Victoria Inc we thank you for your past patronage in supporting the Holland Festival over the last 40 years.



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